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Hanson of Sonoma Japanese-Inspired Single Malt Double-Barrel Whiskey

Hanson-1Hanson of Sonoma Distillery, known for its small batch organic grape-based vodkas, has recently released an American single malt double-barrel whiskey. Initially release to members only, starting Nov. 15 Hanson's whiskey will be available to the public for purchase.

Hanson Whiskey is a blend of tradition and technique from both Scottish and Japanese whiskeys. They start with a mash of four distinct malted barleys, imparting notes of caramel, biscuit, and chocolate. The whiskey is aged for four years in bourbon barrels, giving it a rich and balanced blend of soft vanilla and sweet barley. Adhering to Japanese whiskey finishing techniques, Hanson Whiskey is then cask-finished in a variety of different barrels, including Spanish Oloroso sherry casks. The sherry barrels, which have been aging wine for several years, impart a sweet and subtle flavor to the whiskey.

Hanson Whiskey is bottled at 100-proof in a black antique-colored wide-shouldered 750ml bottle. The striking dark metal plate label design was influenced by the artwork of distillery co-owner Scott Hanson, a metal sculptor, and artist.

Hanson of Sonoma Distillery Single Malt Double-Barreled Whiskey is a limited production and available for purchase at the Sonoma Distillery and Sausalito tasting room locations. Each 750ml bottle retails for $125. Tastings are also offered at both locations.

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