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Coconut Cartel Rum Proofed with Coconut Water

OUTSHINERY-Coconut_Cartel-Special-Aged_Dark_RumMiami-based Coconut Cartel announced its New York launch and new distribution partnership with Empire Merchants, the premier wine and spirits distributor in the metropolitan New York area. Coconut Cartel Special will be exclusively distributed in New York by Empire Merchants' Madison Division.


Coconut Cartel Special is a unique blend of premium aged Guatemalan rum set to proof with fresh coconut water. Developed with Central America’s best coconut, coffee and rum producers, and delivered straight to the U.S. via the Port of Miami, Coconut Cartel Special brings the best of the region to the rest of the world in a bottle. 


“We are proud to partner with the team at Empire Merchants to continue to build our brand in the most influential, yet competitive market in the world,” said Danielle Zig, co-founder and CEO of Coconut Cartel. “Our creative approach to beverage brand-building, combined with Empire’s unmatched know-how and distribution network, will enable us to make Coconut Cartel a leading independent rum brand in the state of New York.” 


Coconut Cartel softly entered the New York market earlier this summer, working with on-premise accounts such as Momofuku Ssäm Bar, Westlight at The William Vale and Catch. This summer, the brand also sponsored technology-powered aviation company, BLADE, as the official rum of their iconic New York lounges and special member events.


Coconut Cartel Special is currently available in Florida, New York, New Jersey, California and nationwide online through the Coconut Cartel website.

Technical Details of Coconut Cartel Special


Premium Guatemalan añejo rum set to proof with fresh coconut water. This is a sipping rum.


It starts off with light molasses from locally grown sugarcane. The light molasses is distilled in copper column stills, then aged in charred American white oak barrels.


We then mix together our own proprietary overproof blend (up to 12 years aged) and cut it down to 40% ABV using fresh, locally sourced raw coconut water.


Real coconut water brings in minerals that balance out the pH levels of the spirit, making an incredibly smooth blend that is not too sweet, but refreshing, flavorful and dangerously easy to sip.


Alcohol by volume: 40% | Package sizing: 750ml bottles | Suggested retail price: $37.99


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