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UnnamedWidow Jane Distillery announces today the first ever release in the brand’s “The Vaults” collection, a planned annual release of the oldest and rarest bourbons from the Widow Jane stocks. This fall’s inaugural release is a marriage of 14-year and older Tennessee and Indiana bourbons drawn from 20 barrels hand-selected and meticulously blended by Head Distiller Lisa Wicker from the Widow Jane Rickhouse on Conover Street in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Beginning in September, just over 500 cases of The Vaults 2019 will be released to the public in select markets. SRP for The Vaults 2019 is $150/750 ml.

Weighing in at 49.5% ABV (99 proof), The Vaults 2019 is among the highest-proof expressions in the Widow Jane family of whiskeys. Wicker and her team finish the 14 year-old bourbon in eight-year air-seasoned American oak casks - significantly longer than is typical for this barrel seasoning technique. In this process, the staves that will become the barrels are stacked outdoors, at the mercy of the elements, and divided by “stickers” until they are raised into barrels and then charred. The extended maturation of the staves eliminates tannins and greenness in the wood yielding a one-of-a-kind flavor profile influenced by each season. The result is an intense whiskey with a finish highlighted by a campfire note, and unparalleled richness and depth of flavor.

As with all Widow Jane whiskeys, like their signature 10 year-old Bourbon, The Vaults is non-chill filtered and proofed with the pure limestone mineral water from the legendary Rosendale Mines of New York, just 100 miles north of the distillery, which contributes to the unique mouthfeel and long finish.

Tasting notes:
NOSE: Broken-in leather, sassafras, birch beer, wintergreen
TASTE: Tobacco, vanilla, lemon, brown sugar, cocoa powder, mint
FINISH: Campfire, cherry, nutmeg, honey, vanilla

Said Wicker, "When some cooperage friends let me know they had eight-year-old air seasoned staves available, I knew we had to work them into our whiskey’s genesis. As a result, the Vaults 2019 is our most captivating whiskey to date, worthy of a whiskey lover's collection, but most importantly, their glass. Through the holidays, whether on a quiet night in or celebrating with friends, we would be honored for you to share with your family and friends this beautiful whiskey we are so proud of."

Widow Jane The Vaults 2019 will be available at the Widow Jane Distillery tasting room and store in Red Hook, Brooklyn beginning in early September. Shortly after, in mid-September, The Vaults 2019 will be available at retail in 18 states including CA, IL, TX, FL, MA, NJ, AZ, CO & NY.

About Widow Jane Distillery
Widow Jane is an award-winning artisanal distillery located in the New York City neighborhood of Red Hook, Brooklyn. The company is named in reference to the legendary Rosendale Mines in Upstate New York that produced the natural cement used in constructing the Brooklyn Bridge and the Empire State Building, among many other structures. The pure, limestone-filtered water from the mine, along with heirloom corn varietals grown specifically for Widow Jane, are among the components that make Widow Jane bourbon unique in the industry.

The facility in Red Hook includes warehousing, aging, barreling, blending and bottling. For more information, visit www.widowjane.com.

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