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UnnamedThe complex history of rum offers a unique glimpse into the past and provides education on influences that are often overlooked. Hotaling & Co. is proud to introduce Denizen Vatted Dark Rum (50% ABV; $29.99 SRP) as part of its portfolio of premium craft spirits, arriving on shelves this month. Just as Denizen’s current award-winning line-up of blended Caribbean Rums bring back the rich full flavors of old-world rums, this latest addition to the Denizen portfolio celebrates Guyana’s influence on the world of spirits.

Denizen Vatted Dark Rum is rich in history and flavor, combining dark rum blended in the old vatted style originally formulated for the British Navy in the mid-18th century with rhum agricole from Martinique. Distilled from a collection of antique stills, most of the blend is produced in Guyana, home to fertile rainforests where sugar cane bursting with the flavors of caramel, burnt sugar, and cacao grow. Fresh unaged rhum agricole has been added to provide a backbone of bright vegetal aromas yielding a balanced spirit ideal for cocktails.

In Denizen’s mission to free the flavor of old-world rum, Denizen’s Vatted Rum’s label pays homage to the Guyanese slaves who rose up against British colonists on August 18, 1823, in what was known as the Demerara Rebellion.

Denizen Vatted Dark Rum

(750ml, 50% ABV, $29.99 SRP)


 80% of the blend is rum sourced from Guyana, home to sugar cane of unparalleled quality and taste

  • 25% - 2-5 year old aged rum from Guyana distilled in French Savalle and Wooden Coffey Stills then aged in ex-bourbon barrels
  • 25% - Unaged wooden pot still rum from Guyana
  • 50% - Dark unaged wooden pot still rum from Guyana

20% of the blend consists of fresh rhum agricole from Martinique

“We have recognized the need in the mixology community for a high-quality vatted dark rum that can transcend the Tiki craze,” says Gregory Fitch, Hotaling & Co.’s Chief Sales Officer. “We are fortunate that the Denizen team has the expertise to create an award-winning, affordable spirit that can benefit any true cocktail program.”

“We are continuing to see growth in the premium dark rum category driven by consumer interest in elevating their cocktail experience. Denizen Vatted is a rum that fulfills just such a need,” says Morgan Robbat, Chief Marketing Officer at Hotaling & Co. “The diverse origins of the final blend come together beautifully in a flavor forward, 100-percent-proof rum that can work perfectly in both an elevated cocktail served at a bar, or an elegant simple serve that can be enjoyed in the comfort of home.”  

Denizen Vatted Dark Rum joins the Denizen Aged White Rum ($19.99 SRP) and Merchant’s Reserve ($34.99 SRP) in the portfolio.

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