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Freeland Spirits Geneva

Geneva-bottle_7Freeland Spirits is excited to share the newest addition to their premium handcrafted spirits portfolio. Freeland Geneva will debut in their Portland, Oregon Tasting Room on Saturday, May 18th.

Inspired by genever, the historical Dutch “grandmother” of gin, Freeland’s Geneva showcases Oregon-grown rye with an array of sultry and savory botanicals. A rich malty backbone heightened by peaks of alluring spice enchants the senses with hints of Willamette Valley hazelnuts.

Freeland Spirits Founder, CEO Jill Kuehler and Master Distiller Molly Troupe decided early on to create the historically inspired spirit as a window into their future whiskey programs. The rye whiskey base is distilled with seven botanicals to arrive at the nuanced Geneva. “Organic Oregon-grown rye sourced from Camas Country Mill is the backbone,” said Kuehler. “Locally sourced Willamette Valley hazelnuts and six other botanicals led us to the perfect balance with a clear, 90 proof spirit that is layered and unique.”

To understand the history of genever production and its place in the world today, get feedback on their experimental batches and taste different styles of authentic genever, Kuehler and Troupe, along with Freeland Sales Director Jesse Brantley, traveled to the Netherlands. “It was great to see how the locals enjoy this fun spirit,” said Troupe. “We can’t wait to show the folks here how it’s done in Amsterdam.”

When sipped with the Dutch, genever is served in a tulip shaped glass alongside a refreshing pilsner. Layered flavors of spice and grain flood the palate while warming the heart. Aromas dominated by grain and juniper evolve to malty richness with botanical lift. This fabric of flavor inspired 19th century American cocktail culture and whisked genever away on a journey to the hands of famed American bartenders. The unassuming spirit was whirled in a glass with sweet vermouth, curacao and bitters, evolving into the iconic Martini and Manhattan. Today, bartenders in well-curated bars stock genever to build spirit-forward cocktails brimming with complexity.

Resting beautifully in a pink signature Freeland Spirits teardrop bottle, Geneva retails for $43.95 and will be available at select retailers, bars and restaurants throughout Oregon, California and Washington and in the Freeland Tasting Room.


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