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Louisville-based Copper & Kings American Brandy Co. announces its two, latest pure copper pot-distilled luxury cordials: Destillaré Café, an intense coffee liqueur built with a robust cold brew natural coffee foundation; and Destillaré Chocolat, an intense chocolate liqueur using cocoa nibs steeped in brandy process. The cordials join an expanding Destillaré line-up that already includes Orange Curaçao and Pomegranate liqueurs.

Both liqueurs use an aged Copper & Kings American Brandy base, have no added artificial colors or flavors, and are non-chill filtered. The liqueurs are at Destillaré’s standard 90 proof and are sweetened with honey.

“Destillaré’s mission is to provide bartenders with exceptional tools to build the most delicious, inventive cocktails that they possibly can,” says Copper & Kings founder, Joe Heron. “Bartenders have thirsty imaginations, and we see them as the most inventive alchemists and magicians. Cordials are very exciting for us, not only for the creative palette they provide, but that for a category of such enormous size, there’s not been a lot of new thinking and innovation, and bartenders are looking for tools to expand their own repertoires.”

Master Distiller, Brandon O’Daniel describes Destillaré’s process – “With Café, we take certified fair-trade cold brew made from Arabica coffee beans and add it to the aged brandy in the barrel. We then marry the liquids in the barrels for 6-9 months, adding extra Madagascan vanilla beans, Cardamom pods and coffee beans in the barrel. The spirit is then diluted to proof using cold brew coffee instead of water. Chocolat uses a similar process, but with added Caribbean cocoa nibs in the barrel, also for 6-9 months, and then diluted with a custom steeping of cocoa nibs in reverse osmosis filtered water. They are very balanced, very smooth, highly aromatic, and viscous without being syrupy and sticky.”

Copper & Kings Creative Director, Ron Jasin says, “The word Destillaré is the Latin root word for distillation, and our packaging design reflects an alembic, alchemical personality. The way we make our intense liqueurs is in many ways a magical art, and like all things Copper & Kings, we break the mold in small and big ways. They are high proof elixirs – they don’t follow the history of low proof, sweet and syrupy cordials – they have the confidence to stand on their own as distinctive, singular spirits, and most importantly, they give bartenders the capability of making their own magic. They are very, very true to their essence. The coffee or chocolate aromas stick around in the glass for ages, you can smell it across the bar.”

Destillaré Café is recommended for a rich Espresso Martini, or a White Russian that “The Dude” would approve of. Destillaré Chocolat is delicious in an elevated, classic Brandy Alexander, and makes a remarkable Dark Sidecar or Margarita Negra with mezcal. When combined, the liqueurs make a delightful Brandy Alejandro, or Oaxaca Mocha with mezcal. It need not be said that they are tailor-made for the most indulgent boozy milkshakes.


Destillaré Intense Café (90 proof/45% ABV) - $35/750 mL

Destillaré Intense Chocolat (90 proof/45% ABV) - $35/750 mL

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