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Bruichladdich Islay Barley 2011

Medium-Bruichladdich-Bottle-Bruichladdich Islay Barley 6YO D2011 R2018 700 WhiteBGSince day one at Bruichladdich the integrity and provenance of our barley has been paramount. This series explores the esoteric diversity of our essential raw material.

Our Islay barley series has always been a mission. For many years now we’ve sought to showcase the phenomenon of “terroir” in single malt whisky – the belief that soil, climate, micro-climate, geographic orientation, natural influences and local weather systems will influence the quality and flavour profile of the spirit, making it a unique expression of “place”.

Nowhere is this philosophy more important to us than here on Islay. Surely the conditions here on this westerly rock at the edge of the Atlantic must bring something extra to the barley and to our expressive, floral single malt whisky? Surely the airborne salt spray that washes the fields and our warehouses must leave its mark on cask and liquid?

This 2011 Islay barley release is distilled from barley grown on six western and central Islay farms.

The spirit has been matured in a combination of 75% first fill bourbon casks and 25% second and third fill sweet white wine casks [from some of the world's greatest sweet wine estates!]. These casks gently influence this vibrant spirit, allowing the true flavours of Islay terroir to be tasted.


CROPS: 100% Islay grown barley. Publican and Oxbridge varietals

MALTING: Unpeated

YEAST STRAIN: Mauri and Kerry

DISTILLATION: Distilled in 2011, Single vintage expression.

MATURATION: 75% first fill American whiskey, 11% first fill Rivesaltes and 16% second & third fill Sauternes and Austrian sweet wine casks

AGED: 6 years

BOTTLING: Islay spring water, unchill filtered and colouring free



SRP $69.99


8 distilleries currently operate on Islay (2018), we are currently 1 of 2 who use Islay grown barley.

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