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Hetvbop0The newest addition to the world of Cognac Frapin in the U.S., Frapin 1270 is a snapshot into the embodiment of 21 generations of wine growers and distillers. Created on the single-family estate established in 1270 in the heart of Cognac’s most exclusive region, Grand Champagne, Frapin 1270 ensures the continuity of Frapin style that has been passed down from generation to generation. Exclusively harvested, distilled, and aged on the estate, the blend is the perfect introduction to the entire Frapin collection. The highly anticipated new blend will arrive in the states in April 2019 with an SRP of $54.99.

Located in the heart of the Grande Champagne region, the Frapin’s single-family estate comprises over 240 hectares, approximately 600 acres, of vines surrounding the grand Château Fontpinot. The cognacs benefit from the vast hillsides and chalky soil that make up the landscape of the estate which result in incredibly rich, complex, delicate, and elegant aromas. This new cognac makes no compromises on quality, being made in exactly the same way as all Frapin cognacs – distilling over fine lees and extended aging with the entire process controlled from vineyard to bottle on the estate by cellar master, Patrice Piveteau. Patrice understands the traditions of Cognac Frapin and contributes by adding his own insights and techniques without forgetting the ancestral methods of the house. Frapin 1270 unlike a typical VS is aged for about five years in both humid & dry cellars. The result is a cognac with great roundness and fruitiness.

Frapin 1270 shows its smoothness with freshness and originality. The length on the palate is due to the very special distillation over lees. With its beautiful golden hue, Frapin 1270 bears witness to its time in new “Limousin” French oak barrels. It reveals a nose of vineyard flowers, lime and a touch of vanilla.

“Thanks to its great aromatic richness, Frapin 1270 can be used as an after-dinner liqueur or as an aperitif, especially for mixed drinks,” says Cellar Master Patrice Piveteau. “This cognac is an integral part of the Frapin range and is the ultimate introduction to the pleasures derived from the historic brand. It is perfect for serving over ice or by mixing well with tonic or sparkling water. It will become the bartender’s best friend as it makes for the perfect base for the finest cognac cocktails.”

Proud of its heritage, but also firmly rooted in the 21st century, Frapin 1270 is bottled in a broad-shouldered bottle with a thoroughly modern image. Taking craftmanship to the highest levels of excellence, Frapin’s style embodies the very essence of Cognac. Frapin 1270 is exceptionally versatile and quintessentially “Frapin.”

For more information about Cognac Frapin, visit www.cognac-frapin.com.

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