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Ballyhoo Irish Whiskey

UnnamedBallyhoo Irish Whiskey, the bright and festive 4-year-old expression from The Connacht Whiskey Company Ltd, is now richer and rounder than ever. Rested on site at the distillery in port barrels for between three and six months, Ballyhoo is a toast to life’s most exuberant moments and right at home in Connacht’s unique roster of modern Irish spirits.  

Ballyhoo Irish Whiskey is a sourced grain whiskey with a mash bill of 93% corn and 7% malted barley, finished in port barrels at the Connacht Distillery on Ireland’s wild west coast and hand-bottled at 43% ABV. Ballyhoo is light in appearance with reddish undertones after three to six months resting in the first-fill port barrels from Portugal.

Bright, fun, and festive, Ballyhoo was created for celebration. An exclamation of triumph over the rival team, a rallying cry between lifelong friends, a toast to a difficult journey or a hard-fought victory, Ballyhoo is a smooth, easy sipper that lives up to its name and is attractively priced at $29.99 in the US.


Color: Light with a subtle reddish hue.

Nose: Soft with gentle vanilla and almond mixing with some warming spice and sweetness. 

Palate: Notes of vanilla with hints of spice and subtle wood from the bourbon casks, but the additional port finishing softens and sweetens the whiskey. It lingers warm and ever so smooth, while being light in body. It is perfect neat, on the rocks or in a cocktail.


Connacht’s own single malt Irish whiskey has now been aging on-site at the distillery in western Ireland for nearly three years so look for more exciting news on its release later in 2019.  

Ballyhoo Irish Whiskey is currently available in 750 ml bottles in NY, NJ, PA, MD, DC, DE, MA, WI, WA, ID, UT, OR, CA, FL, and IL. MSRP is $29.99.

The five other Connacht products currently available in many states throughout the US include: Conncullin Irish Gin; Brothership Irish-American Blended Whiskey; Straw Boys Irish Vodka; Straw Boys Irish Poitin; and Spade&Bushel 10-Year-Old Single Malt Cask Strength Irish Whiskey. 

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