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Dingle_Gin_Bottle_Shot_FInal_2018-08-04_0While Irish whiskey has become the darling of the spirits world, it wasn’t always that way. At the turn of the 21st century there were only 2 distilleries in Ireland – a far cry from the 100-plus distilleries in existence 200 years ago. Amongst the new generation of distilleries is Dingle, opened in 2012, southwest Kerry, Ireland. The Dingle Distillery was the first privately owned, purpose-built distillery to open in over 100 years in Ireland. And to this day, it remains one of the only distillers that sources grain, distills spirit, ages and bottles whiskey for its own exclusive releases.

Named the 2017 Ireland Distillery of the Year at the New York International Spirits Competition, Dingle Distillery has rekindled the tradition of independent distilling in Ireland. Newly imported to the U.S. by San Francisco-based Hotaling & Co., Dingle offers the flavors of Ireland in the form of Dingle Single Malt Triple-Distilled Whiskey Batch No. 3, Dingle Original Gin and Dingle Artisan Vodka, each produced in copper pot stills.

Dingle Single Malt Triple-Distilled Whiskey Batch No. 3

46.5% ABV; $99.99 SRP

Created by the marriage of meticulously selected casks, both bourbon and port, this single malt Irish whiskey is unique and rare. The burst of blue-black fruits on the notes forms a tart, almost jam-like, sweetness on the palate with subtle notes of citrus peels. The liquid coats the mouth like warm honey, mixed berries and marmalade linger on the tongue.

Dingle Whiskey is distilled using the best Irish malted grain in a timber mash tun, before being transferred into timber fermentation tanks (one of only two distilleries in Ireland at this time to process in this manner). Distillation takes place in three distinctive, hand-crafted Forsythes copper pot stills, which feature a unique design that incorporates a large boiling ball to encourage reflux, resulting in smooth, pure spirit. Dingle Distillery uses directly sourced casks, which they house for maturation in their facility (containing over 20 different cask types), located at the foot of the Dingle peninsular mountainous terrain. Baffled by mountains and the wild Atlantic, nature is left to run its course – continually maturing in the mild, moist climate of Ireland’s southwest coast.


Dingle Original Gin

42.5% ABV; $49.99 SRP

Produced in Dingle’s own Copper Pot Still “Oisín,” Dingle Original Gin is a London Dry-style gin that features a unique character through its selection of locally foraged botanicals, including; bog myrtle, hawthorne, chervil and heather to provide a taste of Kerry’s landscape. Collected at 70% ABV and cut to 42.5% using pure water from Dingle’s own well 240 feet below the distillery, Dingle Gin is chill-filtered.


Dingle Vodka

40% ABV; $49.99 SRP

Quadruple-distilled before a fifth distillation in Dingle’s Copper Pot Still “Oisin,” Dingle Vodka is produced in small 500-liter batches. It features a creamy texture, clean taste and hint of sweetness, reflecting the environment in which Dingle is produced.


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John Bowler

I am desperately trying to find a retail liquor outlet in San Francisco that stocks Dingle Whiskey. It's for an important birthday present and once again, I put the "Pro" in procrastination. Does anyone have any ideas?

Camper English

Hi John - You can find it at Cask (might need to check which of their locations has it in stock):

and I see the whiskey at K and L too, in the SF store:

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