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Sophie & Max Sélection N° 2 EXTRA Cognac

Sophie & Max Sélection N° 2 EXTRA Cognac

Ar-jEZLABrother and sister duo, Sophie & Max, are the force behind Cognac Expert, the world’s leading website about Cognac with an extensive and thoughtfully curated online Cognac shop. The siblings turned passion into product in 2017, when they launched Sophie & Max’s Sélection N° 1 X.O. Cognac —an incredibly unique line bottled by small producer Jacques Petit, that was only available via Cognac Expert in small quantities, for a limited time. Sophie & Max, third generation farm owners who live in the region and manage all sourcing for the product lines, are back with a new chapter in their own Cognac story.

For Holiday 2018, they will introduce just 500 bottles of Sophie & Max’s Sélection N° 2 EXTRA Cognac, a smooth and gentle blend of three complementary vintages —from 1989,1982, and 1975— aged for 3 decades and more. Remarkable for a Cognac of its age, Sélection N° 2 is characterized by its freshness and is less sweet and a little more fruity than the original Sélection N° 1. With a round and elegant palate, this Cognac boasts only a touch of spice and a dry finish with a hint of smoke. Distinguishing flavors include pear wine, saffron, pepper, and clove. This extremely limited-edition Cognac evokes purity, originating exclusively from the three vintage barrels and the grapes used for making the wine, which are coupled together, then distilled and aged in oak barrels which all hail from one single growth area, the Petite Champagne. (MSRP: €150; $170; available to ship nationally and internationally)


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