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Cruzan Hurricane Proof Rum

CZ_Hurricane_Proof_Bottle_ShotCruzan Rum, producer of some of the world's finest aged rums, is proud to announce the launch of Cruzan Hurricane Proof Rum as the newest addition to the brand's portfolio. Bottled at 137 proof in acknowledgement of the wind speeds of the category 5 hurricane that swept through the brand's home island of St. Croix last year, Cruzan Hurricane Proof offers a clean and smooth flavor profile due to the low levels of fusel oils with which this rum is crafted.

Cruzan Rum fans will recognize the high-quality craftsmanship they've come to expect of the brand reflected in this new spirit. Alongside every Cruzan Rum expression, Cruzan Hurricane Proof Rum joins the ranks as one of the cleanest-tasting rums in the industry.

Cruzan Hurricane Proof Rum is now available nationwide with a Suggested Retail Price of $19.99 for a 750ml bottle.

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