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Maggie’s Farm Rum All Natural Pineapple Flavored Rum

UnnamedCelebrating five years of production, Allegheny Distilling, producers of the award-winning Maggie’s Farm rums and liqueurs, are expanding distribution beyond Pennsylvania. Founded in 2013, the Pittsburgh “Strip District” based craft distillery has quickly racked up accolades including multiple Pennsylvania Distillery of the Year awards from the New York International Spirits Competition, to Double Gold from the San Francisco International Spirits Competition, to Best-of-Class from the SIP Awards, the American Distilling Institute, and Distilled San Diego, and even Best in Show spirit from the American Craft Spirits Association. With over 80 medals and commendations from both national craft and international spirits competitions, Maggie’s Farm is one of the most awarded distilleries in the U.S. since its inception just five years ago.

Maintained and operated by its original founder and Head Distiller, Tim Russell, Maggie’s Farm is an independently-founded distillery producing the first commercially-available craft rum in the state of Pennsylvania since Prohibition. Their rums are distilled from turbinado, a raw cane sugar sourced from Louisiana, rather than molasses, and pot-distilled in 100% Spanish-made copper stills to enhance body and flavor. Caribbean-derived yeasts and long fermentation times allow for high ester production, creating sprits ranging from grassy, buttery white rums to aged rums that develop notes of butterscotch and caramel. Even the white rums are lightly aged for additional smoothness and flavor development.

The full line of Maggie’s Farm Rums include:

New*** Maggie’s Farm Rum All Natural Pineapple Flavored Rum, a first for flavors, this rum is 100% all natural with no artificial colors or sweeteners. Using Maggie’s Farm “50/50″ dark rum method, blending an aged Trinidadian rum fermented and column-distilled from molasses, then blend it equally with their own pot-distilled raw cane-based rum and age for up to an additional 6-9 months. They take fresh, whole pineapples, macerate the meat in the dark rum portion for two weeks to infuse the juices and flavors then blend it with their white rum made from a distillation with pineapple meat and bark loading both a 1000 Liter Hoga copper pot still, as well as filling the still’s “gin” basket with pineapple barks for the vapors to capture additional natural fruit oils. Perfect for Tiki drinks or on its own. SRP $39.99

Maggie’s Farm White Rum, made with a turbinado sugar base along with careful, ultra small-batch distillation. This rum has a similar character to demerara rum, combined with a grassiness slightly reminiscent of rhum agricole. It is lively, fresh-tasting, and aged up to six months in stainless for additional flavor development - a perfect rum for traditional shaken daiquiris.

Maggie’s Farm Spiced Rum is made from the same turbinado sugar base as the award-winning white rum, then aged briefly in rye whiskey barrels before being combined with eight fresh-ground spices over a five-step infusion process, filtered and finished - a dry spiced rum with no back-sweetening.

Maggie’s Farm Dark Rum blends turbinado-based, copper pot distilled white rum with a twelve-year old column-distilled Caribbean rum made from molasses. The two are married in oak barrels and aged for up to one additional year, maturing into a round, balanced rum suitable for sipping neat or on ice, as well as in new or classic tiki cocktails.

Maggie’s Farm Queen’s Share is derived from a unique distillation technique. The “tails” from ten batches of white rum are saved and redistilled, producing a flavorful and aromatic rum of distinctive body and character.

Maggie’s Farm Coffee Liqueur combines white rum and fairly-traded, single-origin coffee from award-winning roaster, Commonplace Coffee. It’s less-sweet style highlights the flavor and nuance of this extremely high quality of coffee, which is roasted locally, ground in-house, cold-brewed. It’s then infused and sweetened with dark brown sugar and house-made vanilla extract.

Maggie’s Farm Falernum combines white rum with botanicals and spices, including freshly-grated lime zest, fresh ginger, whole, toasted cloves, and allspice berries. The botanicals are infused in overproof rum, extracting the full expression for their lively flavors, the blended with turbinado sugar and carbon filtered water for a 50proof take on a take on this classic Barbados recipe.


Allegheny Distilling is an urban distillery located in the historic Strip District of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and producers of Maggie’s Farm Rum. Founded by Tim Russell in 2013, the distillery has consistently produced award-winning products including Best-in-Category Spiced Rum, Best-in-Class Rum, Best-in-Category Liqueur, Best-in-Show Spirit, and Pennsylvania Distillery of the Year. As Head Distiller, Tim strives to create smooth, full-flavored, and full-bodied spirits by distilling his products from scratch in a Spanish copper pot still, using long fermentation periods with traditional Caribbean-derived rum yeasts, and conservative distillation cuts. And all with a focus on continuous focus on improvement and quality management. Maggie’s Farm Rum is the first commercially available, Pennsylvania-made craft rum since Prohibition. A truly independent craft distillery, Allegheny Distilling was founded without the support of banks, venture capitalists, and rich relatives, and continues to display stills and manufacturing processes behind the cocktail bar in the distillery tasting room.

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