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Copalli White and Barrel-Rested Organic Single Estate Rum from Belize

COPALLI_RUM_08Co-founders Anya Fernald and Todd Robinson are proud to announce the launch of Copalli Rum, an organic single-estate rum made in the heart of the Southern Belize rainforest. Copalli is crafted with passion and sustainability at its core, made from just three ingredients including heirloom sugar cane, yeast, and filtered canopy water sourced directly from the distillery’s farm.

“Copalli is an incredibly unique spirit,” says Copal Tree Distillery co-founder Anya Fernald. She adds, “It’s a 100% authentic rum with all aspects of the product hand-crafted and grown in the most ecological way possible. Putting a rum with this kind of sustainable integrity into the market is going to raise the bar, in the best way.”

Reflecting the terroir of the tropical Belizean farm where it’s produced, Copalli redefines the craft rum category with two grades of product that can be sipped on their own or as an ideal base for classic and modern rum cocktails; current expressions include:

White Rum (84 Proof/42% ABV)
A double distillation of fresh sugarcane juice—crushed within two hours of being cut—the white rum is made with a blend of pot and column distillation with a long resting of the finished product on stainless steel. The smooth end product displays vanilla, coffee bean, and grass on the nose with fresh berries, citrus zest, and cactus notes to finish.

Barrel Rested Rum (88 Proof/44% ABV)
The Barrel Rested Rum is made using double distillation of sugarcane juice, use of exclusively full-bodied copper pot still distillation with French technique. It is aged in American Oak bourbon barrels to create a rich sweet rum displaying cola and leather on the nose with tasting notes including cinnamon, nutmeg, and tobacco.

The distillery is zero-impact and powered by sustainable, regenerative biomass and the process supports full-circle conversion of waste from production into agricultural inputs. The sugarcane used to produce the rum is grown on Copal Tree Farms, so all levels of products can be overseen from start to finish.

The founders have spearheaded the philanthropic support of the local community in Southern Belize for over 20 years, through a legacy of rainforest preservation, marine conservation, and support of local education. Copal Tree Distillery supports the local community as the largest employer in Southern Belize, providing over 100 jobs to local residents in a clean and safe working environment. Additionally, the group provides education grants for local girls and boys to continue their education into high school.

Copalli Rum retails for $28.99 (White Rum) and $34.99 (Barrel Rested Rum).


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