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Black Fig and Gold Apricot Vodkas from Black Infusions

Apricot and Fig bottle shotJust in time for seasonal entertaining--and gifting, Black Infusions launches its collection of award-winning Black Fig and Gold Apricot vodkas, the first of its kind infused with real California fruit.

Founded by entrepreneur Michael Davidson, Black Fig Vodka is filtered through charcoal, and then again through lava rock. Next, whole, dried California figs are added and left to sit and settle. After four to six weeks of natural infusion, the liquid is then only lightly filtered so it retains its natural flavor profile and amber hue. Black Fig Vodka was recently awarded Double Gold at the renowned San Francisco World Spirits Competition--a designation which places it among the finest spirits in the world.

Fueled by the success of Black Fig comes Gold Apricot Vodka, an artisanal, premium vodka infused with dried California apricots. The same natural infusion process used for Black Fig is what produces Gold Apricot’s luminous, light golden hues, and is also what retains the authentic balance of the sweet and tangy tartness found in the fruit.

Black Fig and Gold Apricot Vodkas are kosher-certified and made without any artificial sugars, flavors or colors. The 750-ml bottles retail for $30.00 each.

Black Infusions products are currently available at finer restaurants, bars and food markets throughout the U.S. and via online shipment at

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