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WhistlePig Boss Hog Aged in Ex-Calvados Barrels

Image001The Boss Hog V: The Spirit of Mauve, the fifth edition. As the biggest and best expression of WhistlePig, The Boss Hog is only produced when the brand feels they can create something superior to anything they have previously made. This marque fulfills the five promises WhistlePig makes to each edition of The Boss Hog: single barrel, bottled at barrel proof, powerfully complex, distinctly unique from anything they have done before, and remarkable.

The suggested retail price is $499.99.

The Spirit of Mauve is a celebration of one of the brand’s founding celebrity pigs. The Spirit of Mauve is a 13 Year Straight Rye Whiskey finished in Calvados Casks in honor of Mauve’s undying love of apples.

Each bottle features a handcrafted Danforth pewter stopper in the shape of Mauve ascending to heaven and a casket-inspired gift box.


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