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UnnamedPadre azul, a handmade super-premium tequila created by an Austrian-Mexican family in Jalisco, Mexico, is now available for purchase nationwide in the United States. The tequila, which is available in 16 countries, has been one of the fastest growing super-premium tequila brands in Europe since its launch in 2016.

The brand has partnered with PassionSpirits.com as well as several regional wholesalers and importers to become available in 36 states. “We are excited to continue to grow in the U.S., which was the next natural market for us,” says co-founder HP Eder. “We had a soft-launch in Georgia and Florida last year and can’t wait to share our special product with the rest of the country.”

Padre azul is a family-run company that was born out of a love story between Eder and his now-wife, who is from Guadalajara, Mexico. Eder fell in love with Mexican culture— and spirits—after spending time with family in Jalisco, Mexico. Eder inherited a passion for distilling from his father, who is known for the production of Vogelbeerschnaps, a handcrafted Austrian liquor.

“We wanted a product that enchants from the very beginning,” says Eder. “It had to have this certain ‘wow’ effect, and I am proud to say that after much hard work, we’ve finally achieved that. Both our tequila and packaging are a declaration of love to Mexico, its spirits and its culture.”

The tequila is produced with the utmost care, using the same principals Eder learned from his father. Master Distiller Jesús Partida Melendez and Master Distiller Erika Sangeado, a cousin of Eder’s wife, oversee the entire process. The Blue Weber Agave is hand-selected and harvested from the best terroir, slow-cooked in traditional “Mampostería” ovens, fermented using naturally occurring yeasts, and double distilled in stainless steel and copper serpentine stills. The Reposodo is matured for at least eight months and Añejo for at least 18 months, longer than the standard requirements for aged tequilas.


The resulting products are extremely smooth, with aromas of cooked agave, vanilla and coconut with flavors of citrus fruit, peach, cherry and pineapple in the Silver Tequila, and flavors and aromas of vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate, dried fruits, caramel and caramelized nuts in the Reposado and Añejo expressions. The bespoke bottles are inspired by Mexican heritage and culture and the name comes from a popular Mexican saying, “que padre,” meaning “how wonderful.”

Padre azul Silver Tequila is available for a suggested retail price of $75, with suggested retail prices of $85 and $99 for the Reposado and Añejo expressions.


About Tradition Mexico
Tradition Mexico was founded in 2014 by five compadres from Austria.

Padre azul’s U.S. Partners
Padre azul’s U.S. partners include Savannah (GA), Horizon (VT, NH, ME, MA, RI), ATX Wholesale Liquor (TX), CNS Imports (CA), West Coast Wine & Sprits (NV), International Wines & Spirits (LA), Park Street (FL, NY).

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