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O.F.C. Vintage Bourbons 1985, 1989,1990 from Buffalo Trace

OFC 1985 1989 1990 VintagesThis spring Buffalo Trace Distillery will unveil three new O.F.C. Vintage bourbons. These rare bottles are each vintage dated according to the specific year in which the bourbon was distilled at Buffalo Trace Distillery. This vintage release includes bourbon whiskey from the years 1985, 1989 and 1990.

The three unique vintages are extremely rare, as only one barrel was bottled from each year noted. Very little whiskey remained in these three barrels. The 1985 barrel yielded 61 bottles in total. The 1989 barrel had even less bourbon inside, only enough to fill 18 bottles. The 1990 barrel produced 63 bottles.

These vintage-dated bourbons honor the National Historic Landmark’s original name – the O.F.C. Distillery – renowned for producing top class whiskey during its tenure.

This is actually the second release of the O.F.C. Vintage whiskey, but the first offered for sale. In the fall of 2016 Buffalo Trace Distillery released three vintage-dated bourbons, exclusively to non-profit organizations at no charge to raise money for their causes. Those bottles, from 1980, 1982, and 1983 were auctioned at charity last spring, and raised nearly $1.2 million for a variety of causes such as cancer services, cystic fibrosis, leukemia and lymphoma, children’s rights, autism, military veterans, animal protection, arts foundations, and many more.

As with the initial release, each of these O.F.C. Bourbon vintages are packaged in a crystal bottle with real copper lettering in-laid in the bottle with a hand applied paper label. The label on the back of the bottle notes the milestones for the vintage year of the bottle. Each bottle will be nestled in a wooden display box containing a provenance card with the same information found on the back label.

These vintage bottles will be released in April 2018. Suggested retail pricing for a bottle of one of these collectable and very limited O.F.C. Vintage Bourbons is $2,500.


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