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UnnamedSan Francisco-based amaro producer known for its signature dry cinnamon cordial, Cannella Spirits announces the debut of Fernet Cannella. True to Cannella’s house style, this fresh take on a classic Italian spirit is notably drier than traditional Fernets with less than five percent sugar by volume. Fernet Cannella joins Amaro Cannella and Cannella Cinnamon Cordial as the third installment in the producers’ growing portfolio of hand-crafted amari.

Inspired by founder Joe Cannella’s formative travel experiences in Sicily, Fernet Cannella is rooted in Italian tradition, yet uniquely American. Fernet Cannella showcases Cannella’s progressive take on Fernet, combining time-honored, artisanal production methods with a modern-day style, depth, appearance and flavor profile.

“When we began experimenting with recipes for what would eventually become Fernet Cannella, there were three critical components of the classic spirit that I wanted to tweak, and in one instance, eliminate completely,” said Joe Cannella, Founder, Cannella Spirits. “First, I wanted to dial back the sugar, targeting a drier profile; second, I wanted to reel in the overwhelming mint essence common in many Fernets that can drown out other dynamic botanicals, roots and spices; and third, I wanted to ensure that Fernet Cannella did not include any artificial caramel coloring, an additive that most Fernet producers include in their finished spirit.”

Fernet Cannella is over-proofed at 42 percent alcohol by volume, has significantly less sugar concentration than traditional Fernets and foregoes the addition of caramel coloring that is also typical in most other Fernets. Using a proprietary recipe that includes myrrh, saffron, turmeric and angelica root, among other hand-selected ingredients, the result is a dry, complex, burgundy-hued spirit that allows the ingredients to naturally shine through.

Fernet Cannella is now available for retail distribution in California, Nevada, New York, Florida, Georgia and Michigan for a suggested retail price of $39.99, and is also available to ship to Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oregon, West Virginia and Wyoming. Additional distribution is planned for Illinois and a handful of states in the Northeast later this year. For more information, visit


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